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Front cover design and internal illustrations, created by Sarah-Leigh Wills @happydesigner

Published in March 2022 by Magic Mouse Books, an imprint of Partnership Publishing.

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Meet The Snozzeralls’ is about a family who live in the face of a human being…

In this adventure, we join Snozzy McHooter Junior, Snozzerelina Ballerina and Snozzerella Bella Boo on their quest to help Great – Great Grandad McHooter find out why it is much too loud?

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Karen Henton lives in Costa Blanca South in Spain with her partner Peter and their miniature pincher, Zorro. She has four children and two grandchildren, who all live in the UK and are very supportive of her book writing.

She always wanted to write books on the stories she used to make up and read to her youngest daughter Rebecca (Boo) at bedtime. She wasn’t very good at getting to sleep on her own, so reading became her bedtime ritual, and Karen believes it really helped her with her vocabulary.

“When I first began my journey into getting my stories published, Partnership Publishing introduced me to Sarah from Happydesigner. I chose Sarah because her illustrations fitted in with what I imaged they would look like. I loved her style, especially on The Busy Body Series by Author Heather Hawley.”

“Sarah has totally brought the book to life with her interpretation of the Snozzeralls living inside a human face with her beautiful illustrations. From the very beginning Sarah got the unique concept and set to work. Her illustrations totally capture the anatomy in the human face in a very clever way, that also tutors preschool children and toddlers in a fun setting and educates children in a unique way at the same time.”

Why wouldn’t you love a family that live in a face and have many adventures that connect and travel through the ears, nose, and throat. This could well lend itself to ears, nose, and throat departments in children’s hospitals.

“I wanted the book to be fun and to feed children’s imagination. The super cute characters are based on family members. I am sure you will find out who in other blogs. The series of books are all STEM and Human Biology based and encourage children to learn about the anatomy in a human face. The Snozzeralls are a family of seven and they all live together inside the face of a human being.”

This is the inside of the ear canal where the Snozzeralls children, Snozzerelina Ballerina, Snozzerella Bella Boo and Snoozy McHooter Junior, encounter ear wax rocks, on their attempt to make it to the outer ear to find out where the noise is coming from.

Do you think they will find out, and make it stop?

Another scene shows the Eustachian tube as a slide.

Children will love learning new vocabulary from this Picture book as well as a sense of fun and adventure.

“I tried to incorporate a repetitive nature of its “Much too Much” or “Much too Dangerous” on every page which hopefully blends itself beautifully to children and adults alike wanting to read it repeatedly. This theme then follows through to The Snozzeralls Series of books, of which there are six in total.”

Here is another snippet. The oldest member of the family is named Great-Great-Grandad McHooter.

The very opening line of the book is where…

Great-Great-Grandad McHooters ears are hurting and


It is hurting my ears”

Where´s that dreadful noise coming from he shouts. He sends the Snozzerall children on a quest through the ears, nose, and throat to find out…

“The hardest part is promoting your book and doing all the marketing. It takes a lot of time, and you must be consistent. I am currently marketing the individual characters on social media, Instagram and Tik Tok.”

“A lady contacted me on Instagram and said reach out to Emma, ​​​​she’s a mum that loves reading books and will give you an honest review. Emma at The Picture Book Pages reviewed the book.”

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You can purchase the eBook on Amazon. It is FREE if you have kindle unlimited.

‘Meet the Snozzeralls’ is the first book in The Snozzeralls Series of six.

We are currently creating the second book which is all about Great-Great-Grandad McHooter and his big surprise 90th birthday party.

“Will he lose his Wallies (False Teeth) in the haggis and tatties Birthday cake?”

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