Discover the world of the Snozzeralls. The wacky family of creatures called the Snozzeralls, that live inside a face of a human being. 

The best-selling STEM-based picture books are “Entertaining, Engaging and Educational”.
Perfect for the 3+ age range. 

“The kids learnt so much about the anatomy of the face, can not wait for this to be made into a game.”

“My 6 yr old daughter and I greatly enjoyed this original story about family of… snot. At some point she shoved her finger up her nose to feel for soft trampolines (Featured in the book lol). The illustrations are whimsical and wonderfully done to accompany the text. Bonus: she learned about ENT anatomy without trying! Looking forward for more from this series.”

“What a fun and creative way to teach the anatomy of the human face! These adorable characters are sure to have children laughing and learning at the same time. This book would be the perfect thing to have in every paediatric ENT waiting room.”