Hi, my name is Karen, welcome to my website!

Meet the Snozzeralls is my debut children’s book, and it is the first book in a series of six.

In this very first adventure, Great-Great-Grandad McHooter asks the Snozzerall children to go and find out why IT IS MUCH TOO LOUD!

Come along and join Snozzy McHooter Junior, Snozzerelina Ballerina and Snozzerella Bella Boo on their quest!

Meet the Snozzeralls is an imaginative way of teaching children the anatomy of the facial structures. A series of fun-packed children’s books about the Snozzerall family and their adventures!

Snozzeralls cover

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I was born in 1964 in Carshalton, Surrey, and we moved to the South of England when I was  5 or 6 years old, on the back of a flatbed truck that was Dad’s. I remember holding onto the goldfish bowl for dear life. Luckily, the fish survived.

Once I finished college I started a career in the insurance industry in Brighton, and when I was unfortunately made redundant due to company remodelling, I decided to move to Spain, which wasn’t a very easy descion to make.  I now live in southern Spain, with my partner Peter, in a place called Costa Blanca South. It is very hot throughout the year, especially in July and August. I also have a year-old miniature pincher puppy called Zorro. He is very naughty and loves barking at every little sound.

I have four children and two grandchildren, who all live in the UK and are very supportive of my book writing.

I have always wanted to write some books on the stories I used to make up and read to my youngest daughter Rebecca (Boo) at bedtime. She wasn’t very good at getting to sleep on her own, so reading became our bedtime ritual, and I believe it really helped her with her vocabulary.

Boo is all grown up now and at college. I, meanwhile, had time on my hands, so the Snozzeralls book series came to life for you to read and enjoy with your children. I have absolutely loved writing them and bringing the characters to life.

I also have two fantastic hobbies. I adore baking children’s birthday cakes, and my other love is scuba diving. I have passed my open water Padi course recently and completed numerous dives that allow me to buddy up with my partner Peter who is a qualified rescue diver.