Meet the Snozzeralls

Meet the Snozzeralls!

A family who live in the face of a human being …
In this adventure, Great-Great-Grandad McHooter asks the Snozzerall children to go and find out why …


Come along and join Snozzy McHooter Junior, Snozzerelina Ballerina and Snozzerella Bella Boo on their quest!

Meet the Snozzeralls is an imaginative way of teaching children the anatomy of the facial structures. A series of fun-packed children’s books about the Snozzerall family and their adventures!


Snozzeralls cover

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  • Great-Great-Grandad McHooter’s big surprise 90th birthday party. Will Grandad lose his wallies (false teeth) in the haggis-and-tatties birthday cake?
  • There’s a new addition to the family. Is there one addition or two? Will they be boys or girls?
  • Snozzeralls’ under-the-sea adventure. The girls manage to sunbathe in their bikinis on the inside of the snorkel mask and get to see the wonders of the waterworld under the sea.
  • The Snozzeralls’ Christmas Day bash. Will Santa Snozzerall bring the Snozzeralls their presents? Why is the Christmas tree made out of dried-up bogies? What a truly magical day.
  • Snozzeralls’ day out at the hospital. What’s happened? We all feel woozy! The day the Snozzeralls visit the hospital.