Illustrations and book design by Sarah-Leigh Wills @happydesigner

Published by Magic Mouse Books, an imprint of Partnership Publishing.

Unveiling Great Grandad McHooter´s 90th:

A Surprise Blend of Goodies, Giggles and Wallie- Wonders!

Book two in, The Snozzerall Series is all about the Snozzeralls family throwing a surprise 90th birthday party for Great-Great- Grandad McHooter…

Let´s celebrate 90 years of greatness with Great-Great-Grandad McHooter; The beloved elder of the Snozzeralls family!”

Who doesn’t love a big family party?

“Let´s have some of that haggis & tatties birthday cake,” said Great-Great-Grandad McHooter.

“I´m hungry now after all that singing and dancing.”

“Mind you don’t lose your wallies (false teeth),” screeched Snozzamumma.


“And I’m not fishing them out of your birthday cake,” laughed Snozzamumma with tears of joy running down her face.

These books are filled with love, fun and family warmth for a great birthday celebration. When I was writing them, I tried to make them engaging, entertaining as well as education. Let’s face it biology is quite a boring subject. The vocabulary uses the exact words for the parts in the human face, where the green slimy wacky family, with big grins that stretch from ear to ear live their extraordinary lives.

The books also have a repetitive, rhyming nature that is portrayed throughout all the Snozzeralls books Series.


Children love the repetitiveness and will love to read it again and again. An essential part for the development of language and literacy skills. It’s a great book to read out aloud.

The Snozzeralls books are a great learning tool, in a Primary school setting or for teachers, parents and grandparents alike as they have an engaging and inspirational element to them that also helps children with the vocabulary for the parts of a human face and to learn in a super fun environment. I wanted children to think outside the box and just imagine a family living in a face anything is possible.

It has been a long journey to get two books published the third book is currently being created and it’s all about Snozzamumma this time. We are currently working on audio books for the series as well!

“There’s an addition to the Snozzeralls Family” is the third picture book in the very popular and unique “Snozzeralls Series”.

“Double the Joy, Double the Love: The Snozzeralls Family Welcomes a Delightful Addition!”

In this adventure Snozzadadda and Snozzamumma must explain to the rest of the Snozzeralls family that there’s going to be an addition.

Snozzy McHooter Junior thinks it’s a puppy! The snozzerall girls have other ideas!

“ITS ALL MUCH TO SECRETIVE” said the Snozzeralls. What could all the fuss be about?

A fun, engaging, entertaining and educational way of explaining to your children, through the Snozzeralls their going to have a sibling or maybe two.

Age range for the books 3+

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“We may live in the depths of a human face, but as the Snozzeralls, our green souls, live to embrace unity & love. Reminding all that true beauty lies in acceptance & diversity!”